Lighting distribution

  • Indoor (LED strips, pendant, linear, table, wall lights, spotlights, track lights, signage...)
  • Outdoor ( downlights, streetlights, wall lights, ceiling lights, portable, submersible, projectors, solar, floor spotlights, step lights...)
  • Decorative (reading, tabletop, modular, bathroom...)


Carpentry distribution

  • Mobile panels for multi-purpose rooms.

  • Tailor-made kitchens.
  • Custom made dressing rooms.
  • Decorative and isophonic doors for good sound insulation.

  • Doors with metal frames and smooth, easy-to-clean finishes for hospitals, medical centres and buildings with high occupancy and therefore high usage.

  • Furniture for changing rooms and bathrooms.

  • Customised hospital furniture.

  • Wall cladding suitable for laboratories, hospitals, schools.

  • Phenolic partitions for toilets, urinals and showers.

  • Box-office systems for storage.

  • PVC and aluminium joinery. Supply of railings, screens, glass partitions, decorative metal structures, entrance glass doors.


Distribution of electrical equipment

  • Cable ducts.

  • Conductors for electrical power distribution of all types.

  • Electrified trays for power distribution.

  • Electrical mechanisms for industrial use such as switches, sockets, mechanisms for computer networks or telephony.

  • Electrical protection. Including design and advice for the assembly of electrical protection and control panels.

  • Engines and Pumps.

  • Transformer stations and their components.

  • Lighting columns and brackets.

  • Emergency Lighting.

  • Ceiling fans.

  • Professional tools for electrical installation.

  • Consumables and accessories for cable connection and identification.

Furniture and decoration

  • Tables and chairs
  • Storage furniture
  • Desks
  • Personalised room dividers
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Children's furniture