La Habana, Cuba

When faced with the challenge of modernising and upgrading the iconic Havana Malecon luminaires with LED technology, we had to consider several crucial factors. Firstly, these luminaires are eleven metres above the ground and must provide an adequate amount of light to illuminate a road that sometimes has up to six lanes.

In addition, it was necessary to develop a luminaire that would maintain its original aesthetics virtually unchanged, so as not to affect the environment, and that would adapt to the existing fixing system. Above all, it was necessary to achieve significant energy savings, given the high consumption of the previous luminaires, as well as the associated maintenance costs, considering the difficulties of access to the equipment.

Our goal was to find a solution that combined energy efficiency, durability and respect for the aesthetics and historic environment of the Malecón. We worked hard to design LED luminaires that met all these requirements, providing adequate lighting, improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. The end result was a successful upgrade that contributes to enhancing the beauty of Havana's Malecón, while providing long-term economic and sustainable benefits.